Decoding the Mind of God by O. M. Kelly

Decoding the Mind of God has nine separate volumes.

This preview is a teaser of each volume within the book.

It will inspire and encourage you to read further and discover the hidden mysteries within your own story.

Book I. The Laws of the Universe:

What are these laws and how do they relate to GOD and the universe?
This book blows your mind from ones current mindset. 
Be initiated into the secrets of the Universal Law of Self.
This amazing knowledge and wisdom opens the quest of your own inner intelligence where as you read into the book you will realize that there are no limits to you discovering your outer boundaries.
Learn the mathematics of how your mind works - answers the quest for the metaphysical pathway.
You will gain an understanding of these Laws of the Universe and your spiritual quest.
Discover the secrets of the Masters of Time, learn how weather patterns, diseases, viruses and wars are all created through the atmospheric conditions of the collective mind.

Book II: Thought:

The Book of Thought invites you into the inner sanctum of the mind.  How a thought is created and formed for us to work with these responses, to urge and motivate ourselves forward.  Introduces you into the power of your inner energy and for you to understand how it can balance and become your external energy.
Explains that everything the human mind creates through the power of just one thought is your unlimited access to the complete understanding, acceptance and creation of your life. Through the teaching of Shamanism we are taught to trek the Psychometric Consciousness. 
The word "trekking" is the opening of awareness one experiences and through this book, the reader learns how to develop this ability of awareness.

Book III: Dis-Ease:

This life-changing book helps you discover and change your perspective on disease. 
To understand on a higher level the dynamics that every human has the consequences of all disease known to man. How Diseases build up through each generation conforming to their emotions.
Through reading and understanding how a disease is set in motion, we can begin to reverse the effects this energy has on the physical body.
Learn about intellectual disability, the obsessive child, How cancer begins, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, men's problems and more, right down to the common cold. This book is the essential guide on how we can begin to heal many rampant diseases.

Book IV: Death: 

One of the main questions we ask ourselves is 'What happens to us when we die?'
This book explains one of the most powerful feelings of love and pain we experience in our lifetime. Losing a loved one after a million lifetimes of service to each other can shatter one's belief in self.
We are the ones who are left behind and now we have to change our old reliance's and face the emptiness left behind.

This volume explains the Quantum Hologram that involves you and your soul.
Revealed to the reader are the three individual stages of death.
We examine and learn about the transformational process, the soul's purpose, and parallel worlds, near death experiences, past lives and incarnation, the afterlife, suicide, accidents, death of young children and the 'Quest for Life'.

Book V: Sexuality and Spirituality:

This book explains the importance of sexuality in our daily lives and how we learn to open our own door into spirituality.
The reader is taken on a journey of self discovery and thus, earning their own freedom.
Explore this enlightening examination of the relationship between your sexual behavior and your spiritual values.

Book VI: The Dolphin's Breath: 

Throughout the Laws of Shamanism the wonderful Dolphin in consciousness, represents the attainment we can reach through ourselves earning our freedom of will.  This is a journey of personal experience with the ancient group —the dolphins.
This volume explains the benefits of the dolphins breath — the why and how we use the breath that influences our divine mentality.
Further, it's a story which reveals how the dolphins have taught us the process to be free of fear, and to tap into the Language of Babylon — to understand the language of Earth.
Includes a written meditation which assists you to connect to the external consciousness and release the fear that you have wrapped around yourself for protection.

Book VII: The Sacred Alphabet & Numerology:

This book offers a myriad of explanations concerning the higher consciousness in relationship to names, places and numbers. 
Your ability to decipher the Sacred Alphabet and Numerology codes commonly and constantly presented to you throughout your life, will open opportunities to expand your consciousness and awareness you never thought possible.
These ancient secret codes will assist not only your life, your relationships and everything you connect with, including your environment and the sustainability of our Planet Earth.
Most importantly are the explanations of the Egyptian hieroglyphs and the truth regarding the language of the afterlife that has been scribed for us to earn from the beginning. 

Book VIII: Sacred Feng Shwa:

This is a fascinating book to improve your life. The difference between the traditional Feng Shui and Sacred Fung Shwa is, the latter shows you the next step towards the evolution of yourself.  
Fung Shwa is where we bring every aspect of our energetic light into the oneness.
Learn the secret to energize your home, office and gardens and harmonize your mind and relationships.
The collective energy will work for you!, see how to combine and harmonize the spectrum of colors in your home and office with your Astrological colors. 

Book IX: Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence:

This mind revolutionary volume explains how the Extra Terrestrial is your next realm of self; expanding and releasing its way through your body all through your knowledge releasing and empowering itself. 
Extra Terrestrials are holographic illusions of what we refer to as time, which automatically warp and are created through the enhancement of your layers of thought; this is measured mathematically inside your auric field.

You will explore the intellect of the spaceship that was left for us thousands of years ago, through the Mayan heritage.
Codes of collective consciousness are revealed to us through the Mayan Oracle, Akashic records, and The Doorway of Time and Angelic realms.

Some of the other areas covered are: Knowing the Temple Mind, Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence, The Philosopher's Stone, God Consciousness, Pneumatic Waves of Consciousness, Releasing the Divinity within You, The five steps to Birthing Your Godhead and more.

Please take your time. This book is not one story, it is explaining THE STORY of life through its divine correctness.

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