Decoding the Mind of God by O. M. Kelly

What inspiring books! This has opened up my world into a higher level of thinking. Very well written and easy to understand. I cannot wait for the next book so I can learn more! Thank you for helping me to open up my mind.   Gwen Edwards. Australia


Your cards speak so much wisdom to me. Through drawing one card, I can plan my day with my clients and I know where I need to be in my mind and my day jumps into action.

My daily work is never interrupted now. Thank you for helping me understand the importance of being human.  Dr. B. Klaus. Milan. Italy


What a revelation reading your words. Finally the Keys to our inner Kingdoms have been recalled from our ancient past and written in a language for us all to understand who and what we are. I am excited beyond words to step into each new day.  A.M Burchell.  Australia



As an Interior Designer to the stars, your words explaining energy, have boosted my appointments into a business where I am now booked out weeks ahead of time. I also have the cards where I can draw a card for each new client and relay their homes and offices into suiting their personalities. G.P. Milano. Italy.


I have never had a huge interest in understanding myself, but since reading your books I cannot put them down and I now realize that I am very important and my business is out there working on my behalf. V.S. Vienna. Austria


What a fantastic book you have written !. What an everlasting lecture you give to us all. I appreciate your work and what you have given to us all

and now the result are these wonderful books where I can find and touch me and my soul. I have read from page one to the end, and back, as well as inside out, and I always find new sentences, I did not see to read the first time. This is not just a book, this could be a new bible lasting forever, providing ideas, strength and happiness to all of us. To read your pages makes me feel like I am talking to my heart, my body, my soul and this makes them want to talk back to me.
It keeps me up in my higher realms and yes, I am highly intelligent and this thinking lightens up my brain. Your words tell me, that I am as I am and I know I am on the right path to allow my love to flow throughout our great planet ...
J. H. Architect, Nürnberg.  

Your paragraphs read like pearls and each day I add another pearl of wisdom. I am creating a necklace that I can wear for the rest of my life.
No one has written a book like this before. I feel that you have written this just for me. I am the only student in your classroom and I have you all to myself. How can I not learn about myself? 
Prof. L. Haus. Switzerland

Your words inspire me to collect my thinking together before I speak and I am now creating a miracle each moment in my life. 
Dr. S. S.  Philosopher.
I understand now just how each one of us knows, that we are all made in the likeness of God. Thank you for giving my life back to me.
M.B. Bayreuth.

My head is like a new wardrobe and I have a great time reading your books and organising my new garments on their coat hangers and the information I do not understand, I place in my pantry shelves to open up for me to nourish on and refer to later.
A. C.  Furniture Removals Bavaria

Thank you for my new Bible. You have helped me open up my inner library with much more belief in myself. This helps me prepare my conversations with my pupils.F.
B., Education Dept, Bavaria 


Do you know after reading your book last night, I woke up this morning and for the first time in my life I said 'Good Morning' to me. I feel great !!  Mark. Hungary.


I view my patients through new eyes now. I have a deeper understanding of how we create our own demise. Thank you. Dr.L. T. Bavaria.

I cannot put the books down. The information is endless. Now I understand the meaning of everlasting life.
E.A. Denmark. 

My wife and I thank you for bringing us closer together. We enjoy reading this book together. We are able to talk and share our thoughts much more honestly now.
R & S Australia

Millions of answers to all my questions. Millions of ideas for me to unfold for my future. Please keep returning to teach us and to remind me how important it is that every time I help myself, it flows out to others. I want your words to be written in the French language.
B. K. France.  

I never realized before reading your book, just how important I am. I have a brand new me now to answer too. Thank you, Omni.

Thank you for showing me my true colors. I know that I can find them and earn them for myself now.
M., Bayreuth 


Never stop with your information. There are millions of others just like me out there, who have a desire to want to learn and know more. R.F. Author.


Your Egyptian knowledge is astounding, hard for me to believe at first now it just all falls into place. Thank you for changing the planet. G. K. Australia

I cannot put the book down. I have bought three. They are by my side right throughout my day. In the car, the office, and the house. I am speaking my new thinking to everyone and achieving marvellous results. U.W. Milan.

I am on my third time reading your amazing wisdom and each time I reveal something new to myself. It seems to be never-ending information.
M. B., Engineer, Hilpoltstein  

My goodness my girl, you have answered so many of my questions that I have carried with me for over 60 years of my life and you explain it so beautifully. Tears come to my eyes as I thank you with all my heart.
Angelina's grandfather, Switzerland


Your seminars kept me on my toes...I could not wait for the next one. Now with the books I have a permanent record to keep reminding me. Thank you. Prof. R. B. Hamburg.


I am amazed at your explanations of the codes to the Bible. This was a book I picked up and could not put down. Now that I can understand how it was written I devour each word. Keep teaching us. Anon


I have never felt so comfortable with myself until now. My business has picked up a thousand fold. Your teachings are endless.  E. Brown. Hair Designer. Europe and Australia.


Your information on the codes of the Bible has changed my perspective totally and yet every word you have written, I know is the real truth. M.B .Auditor.

And every day we receive another one; the list keeps growing into the thousands.